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A collection of postcards from all around Clear Creek County (and a few surrounding areas outside the county) dating from the early twentieth century to the present. Only postcards that are out of copyright, originals, or without a listed publisher are currently digitized. Inquire at the archives to access other postcards. This collection is actively growing through new acquisitions.


Clear Creek County (Colo.)

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North Empire Placer Works, Colorado
Postcard with an original photomechanical print (unpublished) of a man standing in front of old placer works in North Empire, Colorado. Includes a written note on the front describing the scene. Sent from Denver, Colorado to Mr. H. C. Hogel in…

Shelter House near Loveland Pass, Colo. Alt. 10,750
"Real photo" postcard with a photograph of the ski lodge at Loveland ski area. The image includes skis sticking out of the snow in front of the building.

Chairlift on Continental Divide near Empire, Colo.
"Real photo" postcard with a photograph of the double chair lift at Berthoud Pass Ski Area, showing the bottom of the lift and the hillside people skied down.

Zig Zag Climb to Mt. McClellan, Colo., 6% Grade, Argentine Central Ry.
Postcard with a colored view of an Argentine Central Railroad train climbing the switchbacks above Waldorf to the top of Mount McClellan in Colorado. The note on the back reads "Aug 25th Well we are here all OK Bud met us at the train the same old…

Golden and Clear Creek Valley, Colo.
Postcard with a colored view of Golden, Colorado, taken from Lookout Mountain. The postcard is stamped on the back by the Argentine Central Railroad Company, Local Agent's Office in Waldorf, Colorado. The note on the back reads "Dear Emilie[?] I am…

"Old Roadmaster," Clear Creek Canon, Colorado. On Colorado and Southern Ry.
Postcard with a colored view of the "old roadmaster" rock formation in Clear Creek Canyon in Jefferson County, Colorado. The view is from the train tracks of the Colorado and Southern Railroad. A note on the back reads "This is from the highest Post…

Big Snow December 4th and 5th, Idaho Springs, Col.
Postcard with a colored view of a group of men and horses going south down 14th Avenue in Idaho Springs, Colorado, after the major snowstorm of early December, 1913. The main entrance of the Idaho Springs Public Library is in the background. Unused…

Above the Forks, Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado.
Postcard with a colored view of a Colorado and Southern Railroad train in Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado, west of the forks (the junction where the train went to either Idaho Springs or Black Hawk). No note, but postcard was sent to Mr W. C. Campbell…

St. Mary's Glacier
"Real photo" postcard with a photograph of St. Mary's Glacier in Colorado. People can be seen far in the distance walking up to the Glacier or walking on the snow. Unused postcard.

Empire Col. Looking South
"Real photo" postcard with a photograph of Empire, Colorado, taken north of town looking south. No photographer listed and no note written on postcard. Sent from Empire, Colorado to Miss Ol??e Braden in Wichita, Kansas
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