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Postcard with a colored view (partially illustrated) of Waldorf, Colorado and Mt. McClellan. Includes a train, an illustrated man, and some buildings in Waldorf, including the Post Office. Unused postcard. Unknown publisher, number 6421.

Photograph of a truck carrying piping, with piping lying on the ground. Electric lines are visible. The truck is in the Waldorf basin in Colorado, heading to the Santiago Mill.

Photograph of a truck hooked up to some type of piping, in the Waldorf basin around Santiago Mill in Colorado.

Photograph looking down on a truck hooked up to some type of piping, with Waldorf, Colorado below. Taken from near the Santiago Mill.

Photograph of the Santiago Mill (near Waldorf, Colorado), showing the side and piping lying outside.

Photograph showing the Santiago Mill and Mt. McClellan (full of snow) in the Waldorf, Colorado basin.

Photograph taken above Waldorf, Colorado, showing a few buildings and the tops of Mount Evans and Mount Bierstadt.

Photograph of a pair of snowshoes and a shovel in the snow, with Waldorf, Colorado and electric lines visible in the background.

Photograph of a blue car on a snowy patch of the road around Waldorf, Colorado.

Photograph of Waldorf, Colorado, showing the post office and a few other buildings. Two of the Reilly sisters, Katherine (Kate) and Ethyl B. (left to right) stand at the door of the post office. Date is likely 1908, though it could be a year or so…
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