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Bette White Rutherford bootleg tapes


Bootleg tape of Bette White Rutherford, solo, and with John (Fiddler John) Wilson, at the Plume Saloon in Silver Plume, Colorado

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Scotty Wilkins Collection


A collection of carefully labeled and dated photographs and ribbons from Georgetown, Colorado, mostly in the 1890s and early 1900s. Most photographs…

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General Photograph Collection

J W Dunn St Louis Camera Club No 93 American Lantern Slide Exchange Continental Divide Colorado.jpg

A collection of miscellaneous photographs from around the county not associated with other specific collections.

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Benjamin Poff Draper Papers


A large collection of materials relating to Benjamin Poff Draper's life. It includes a large number of scrapbooks with photographs from his childhood,…

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Saxon Mountain Committee Photograph Collection

A collection of photographs and slides taken by the Saxon Mountain Committee, a public/private group based in Georgetown, Colorado that worked to…

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General Postcard Collection


A collection of postcards from all around Clear Creek County (and a few surrounding areas outside the county) dating from the early twentieth century…

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DeVany - Elliot Family Collection


A collection of photographs and other materials relating to the Reilly, DeVany, and Elliot families, some of whom have lived in the Georgetown and…

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Ronald J. Neely Collection

034-16-1906z-001 front.jpg

A collection of historical material relating to western Clear Creek County, as well as some items relating to Neely's work in Georgetown as a champion…

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