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034-15-1907z-001 front.jpg
Postcard with a colored view of an Argentine Central Railroad train approaching Rocky Point (southwest of Pavilion Point) near Silver Dale, Colorado. Number 3550. Unused postcard.

034-16-1906z-001 front.jpg
Postcard with an image taken east of Silver Plume, looking at the north sides of Leavenworth Mountain and Sunrise Peak. The postcard has labeled the railroad grades of the Colorado and Southern Railroad in the western part of the loop valley and the…

034-15-1910z-001 front.jpg
Postcard with a colored view (partially illustrated) of Waldorf, Colorado and Mt. McClellan. Includes a train, an illustrated man, and some buildings in Waldorf, including the Post Office. Unused postcard. Unknown publisher, number 6421.

034-15-1912-001 front.jpg
Postcard with a colored view of people and a train at the top of Mt. McClellan in Colorado, overlooking Grays and Torreys peaks in the background. Handwritten note on the back reads "I am in Denver now I have been here four days I went to work this…
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