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J W Dunn St Louis Camera Club No 93 American Lantern Slide Exchange Continental Divide Colorado.jpg
A glass plate negative photograph of a man with two burros above tree line, presumably above Empire, Colorado. They have just crossed a large snow patch.

J W Dunn Clear Creek Colorado.jpg
A glass plate negative photograph of a man fishing in Clear Creek, presumably near Empire, Colorado or Empire Junction.

014-9-1907-001 front.jpg
A real photo postcard of Empire, Colorado, taken north of town looking south. There is no photographer listed, but it is numbered KC9.

014-9-1930z-001 front.jpg
A real photo postcard with a photograph of Empire, Colorado, looking east. Based on the handwriting, this photograph was taken by Hildreth. The date range is based on other Hildreth postcards and the style.

014-9-1924-001 front.jpg
A real photo postcard with a view of Empire, Colorado, looking northeast. There is no photographer or publisher listed.

Guanella Family.mp3
Tom Benhoff interviewing Glenda Guanella, Sally Guanella Buckland, and Phil Buckland regarding the history of the Guanella and Lindstrom families. Discusses the family's long history in Empire, Colorado, including Guanella Ranch and Glen Arbor Lodge.…

014-9-1912-001 front.jpg
A real photo postcard with a custom view of a house in Empire, Colorado. The note on the back reads "Hello, How are you? I am still up in the Mts, I have been think about writing to you for some time. We have about 12 inches of snow, still at it.…

Photograph of several men and a horse cart in front of the Empire, Colorado Bakery and Mercantile Co. Their sign reads "Hay, Grain and Flour." A small Coors beer sign can be seen to the side. The photograph may have been taken or may show someone…

A real photo postcard of a man standing in front of old placer works in North Empire, Colorado. The postcard includes a written note on the front describing the scene.

John W Dunn Rombaurer Lake Continental Divide.jpg
A glass plate negative photograph of a man and woman looking up towards the Continental Divide at Bill Moore Lake, Colorado (previously known as Raumbaurer Lake), north of Empire, Colorado.
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