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018-5160 Pine tree and Green Lake.jpg
Photograph with a view of Green Lake, three miles north of Georgetown, Colorado.

018-5186 Dam at Clear Lake from below.jpg
Photograph of Clear Lake, Colorado and its dam. The image is taken from the lake shore. A building can be seen attached to the dam and surrounded by water.

018-5187 Clear Lake.jpg
Photograph of Clear Lake, Colorado, taken from the north shore looking south. Two people and an automobile can be seen along the shore.

018-5188 Green Lake.jpg
Photograph of Green Lake, Colorado from the road.

018-5197 City reservoir.jpg
Photograph of the Georgetown reservoir in Colorado. The image is taken from the south looking across to the north.

005-5-1908-001 front.jpg
Postcard with a view of two men in a canoe on upper Chicago Lake, Colorado, one of whom is fishing. Published by Selige, Publ, St. Louis, no. 1510. Photographed and printed before 1907 (based on the undivided back of the postcard), but postmarked…

005-5-1870z-001 front.jpg
Photograph (stereoview) of a group of people on donkeys at Chicago Lake, Colorado, near Mt. Evans. "Above Idaho [Springs]" penciled on. Photographed and published by W. G. Chamberlain, unnumbered. Nothing on the back.

John W Dunn Rombaurer Lake Continental Divide.jpg
A glass plate negative photograph of a man and woman looking up towards the Continental Divide at Bill Moore Lake, Colorado (previously known as Raumbaurer Lake), north of Empire, Colorado.
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